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Welcome to Trips Database Bureau


The Trips Database Bureau’s AGM in September marked the official launch of the TRICS platform for the New Zealand Trips Database.  This is the culmination of nearly two years of discussions and negotiation with the UK branch and includes the final migration of our Australian and New Zealand database onto the TRICS platform from what has been just an excel spreadsheet for many years.  The TDB would like to thank Stuart Woods and Nick Rabbets for making this happen.  We hope that this will be a long and fruitful co-habitation.  

In order to join we will shortly be sending out a Membership Agreement .  TRICS will then send you a login and password to the database that will be accessed via the TRICS website:

Subscriptions will still be maintained by the TDB – so that doesn’t change – these will be sent out in November once we have your forms back.  Any problems please contact TDB on


Below are the links to the 2018 AGM Agenda, presentations and minutes.

The Trips Database Bureau 

Transport trip and parking rates are an important aspect of land development within New Zealand and Australia.

Engineers and planners use trip and parking data to:

  • Predict how may people may visit a development.
  • Calculate the number of car parking spaces required.
  • Calculate the proportion of people using different transport modes.
  • Quantify the scale of effect a development may have.
  • Quantify the size of a development based on available transport capacity.

It is important that the information used to calculate these items is reliable and relates to specific New Zealand and Australian land uses. The Trips Database Bureau (TDB) has established a database that collects and maintains reliable trip and parking demand data.

If you work in an engineering or planning consultancy, with a local or regional council, or you have an involvement in transport surveys you should consider joining TDB.