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Welcome to Trips Database Bureau


The Trips Database Bureau Board (TDB) invites Expressions of Interest from its membership for the role of Executive Officer.

TDB is an Australasian cooperative of practicing traffic engineers and transport lanners which develops and maintains a reference database of trips and parking demands related to all land uses for its members.  The Bureau also undertakes research in the technical area of travel characteristics and transportation engineering.

This is a great opportunity for a professional in the transport planning or traffic engineering sectors to take a leading role in an established, collaborative and leading technical interest network.  The Board sees this role as key for th eongoing success of our industry-recognised and collaborative network, which operates across New Zealand and Australia, with links to TRICS (UK).

The role involves supporting the Board and overseeing the delivery of the annual plan and budget, which would involve typically some 4-6 hours per week.  This includes managing a small team of paid and voluntary support toles covering administraion, finances, communications, research, events and the survey programme.

For more information, a role description can be downloaded here.

If you are interested in exploring this opportunity, please register your interest with me at, as soon as possible, and certanly before Friday, 8th September.

Tony Brennand

Chair of TDB 

TDB is an incorporated society as well as a technical interest group of the IPENZ Transportation Group and of AITPM 

2016 TDB AGM

TDB held its 2016 Annual General Meeting on 7 September at the Wellington 2016 TDB Seminar. The draft minutes of the meeting can be found here.

2016 Seminar Series

In September 2016, we completed a successful and valued national seminar series, with events in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch.  The series was notable for having Nick Rabbets, Managing Director of TRICS, speaking at each seminar during his tour to New Zealand and Australia as part of the developing relationship between TRICS and TDB.  Presentation were given about:  

  • TRICS current work and future approach in the UK and Ireland
  • Key findings of TDB research on the Effects of Small Scale Developments on transport networks 
  • Pass-by and Diverted Traffic
  • Progress on the RMS update to the Guide to Traffic Generating Developments
  • The web-enabling of the TDB database
  • Survey data collection
  • Changing trip rates over time

 All these presentations are now here  on our website.


The Trips Database Bureau 

Transport trip and parking rates are an important aspect of land development within New Zealand and Australia.

Engineers and planners use trip and parking data to:

  • Predict how may people may visit a development.
  • Calculate the number of car parking spaces required.
  • Calculate the proportion of people using different transport modes.
  • Quantify the scale of effect a development may have.
  • Quantify the size of a development based on available transport capacity.

It is important that the information used to calculate these items is reliable and relates to specific New Zealand and Australian land uses. The Trips Database Bureau (TDB) has established a database that collects and maintains reliable trip and parking demand data.

If you work in an engineering or planning consultancy, with a local or regional council, or you have an involvement in transport surveys you should consider joining TDB.