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TRICS: Access from Australia & New Zealand

TDB provides the Australasian portal to TRICS. Recently TRICS gained notable recognition as a preferred and recognized source of data from Transport for London.  This is a significant development, and provides a well-deserved recognition of it substantial and excellent data and services.

TDB holds the only Australasian TRICS license and sub-licenses by special agreement.  There is a very good and positive relationship between TDB and TRICS which enables TDB to provide excellent cost-effective access to and advice regarding TRICS to its NZ and Australia members.

TRICS Query Service

Access to the TRICS database in Australasia is by way of enquiry of a small group of companies that hold sub-licenses to the TDB main license.  These companies are known as the Data Advisory Group (see list below).

DAG members provide for TDB members a query service that includes print outs of trips and parking information from TRICS. On behalf of TDB, DAG members will provide up to three free initial requests per TDB member per year (requested through the standard TRICS Information Request Form). This covers the initial requests, with any subsequent refined searches to incur a charge that is based on a direct agreement between the person requesting the information, and the DAG member.

The DAG members include:-

 Name Organisation Phone
 Steve Abley
Abley Transportation Consultants
 03 377 4703  
 Ian Charlisle  Traffic Design Group
 07 577 0555
 Ian Clark  Flow Transportation
 09 970 3820
 Phillip Brown
 TEAM  09 835 1739
 James Dyer
 Opus  09 359 6938

Interest in taking an additional sub-license to join this DAG may be considered on application to the Executive Officer.